Owner: Isaac Fox

“When you step through my door, you are not a ‘customer’ or a ‘patron’. You are a guest in my own home. If only for a few hours, I want every guest who enters LaChasse to feel that they are the center of the universe, and I want to ensure that they have an experience that they will never forget.”

isaac_bioIt could be said that Isaac Fox danced his way to becoming a restaurateur.  After studying music for two years at Indiana University Southeast, he taught ballroom dance. He also spent some time working in fast casual restaurants, which may have sparked his interest in a career in food. But, his passion for food, craft cocktails and bartending was fully ignited when he became part of the teams at Southern Indiana’s Bistro New Albany and the Speakeasy Jazz Club.

When Isaac and his wife Tenille moved to Louisville, where they and their five children now live, he fell head over heels in love with food, wine, spirits and hospitality. He gained bartending and management experience at Basa ( as bar manager and assistant manager), at Jack Fry’s (as server and bartender) and at Volare (as bar manager.)

A multi-award winning mixologist, he has taken home top prizes in competitions such as the Four Roses Mint Julep Competition, Bourbon Classic and other events. His creations have garnered the attention of local publications as well as those in New York and Japan.

He is someone who knows that dreams really do come true. In October 2015, he realized his dream of owning a restaurant. He debuted La Chasse to considerable fanfare, and the accolades keep coming. As a new restaurateur, he has established a hallmark, treating each guest to a fine orchestration of his love for food, wine, cocktails and service.


Executive Chef: Andrew Welenken

Andrew Welenken started his culinary career in Lima, Ohio washing dishes. From there he moved to Columbus, Ohio and worked at his first fine dining restaurant. At the time, he was preparing to go to begin culinary school at Sullivan University and wanted get a little experience under his belt before taking on the culinary journey of becoming a chef.

After Sullivan Welenken became an assistant sous chef under an amazing chef, Josh Moore at Volare. Moore was an inspiration to Welenken, and it was there that he learned the dedication and passion it took to become successful in the culinary world. Furthering his experience, Welenken was sous chef at Park Place and Browning’s. By working in both fine dining and gastro pubs, Welenken learned what it takes to be a success in very different restaurant settings. Unfortunately an economic downturn lead to the two restaurants closing abruptly. The closing of the restaurants was a blessing in disguise as it opened the door for Welenken to spend the next 8 years at Buck’s Restaurant and Bar. While at Buck’s he quickly moved from sous chef to executive chef.

Continuing his culinary journey, Welenken transitioned into a corporate role at an upscale pub grub establishment. However, after a serious health scare, he realized that he didn’t want to waste time doing something he didn’t love. His true passion was creating food and he knew he needed to return to the role of chef. This lead him to the Brown Hotel and the English Grille. As chef de cuisine at the Brown Hotel, he gained invaluable knowledge and experience.

After a year at the Brown, he was offered the position of Executive Chef at La Chasse, an opportunity he couldn’t refuse. As Executive Chef, Welenken brings his creative genius to the kitchen.

“At La Chasse, we focus on farm to table, rustic European food with Spanish influences. This gives my staff and I the ability to make the most amazing food we possibly can and then pass that on to you!”  –Excutive Chef Andrew Welenken



Chef de Cuisine: Tina Dyer – Bio coming soon!