La Chasse hits all the high notes – excellent and welcoming service, the BEST cocktail selection in Louisville including a well crafted variety of mocktails, and delicious menu selections. It’s one of our favorite places to go and we went on a whim after running errands earlier in our evening. The restaurant was packed or ‘lively’ as the genial waiter who was covering the front door told us. We lucked into a seat and a stand at the bar and as tables got up we extended to two bar seats enjoying our cocktails and dinner at the bar. We started with the Barrel Aged Vieux Carre a smooth and sippable bourbon cocktail which exists on many a cocktail menu but has been perfected by Isaac the owner and cocktail maestro. Husband ordered the fried oysters appetizer – plump and beautifully battered accompanied by a zesty relish vs the boring standard cocktail sauce. For entrees he had the short ribs, hearty, tender and bursting with flavor and I had the scallops, a lighter option also delicious and made more substantial on a flavorful lentil bed. Our second cocktail was the Constantinople, rum based and a riff on the richness of Turkish coffee but without the cloying sweetness – a complex and well balanced construction. Although the restaurant was extremely busy when we arrived we felt welcomed and attended to. Having patience and understanding with the crowd always helps and we decided to be happy that so many people were sharing our opinion that La Chasse is a great place to eat out!